• Back to Africa

    Africa is the continent with the most abundant wildlife in the world. It is also considered paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists and scientists alike.Dr. Jane Goodall, the founder of Roots & Shoots and world renown primatologist of the 20th century, completed her most important research in Africa and continues to be fascinated by this land today.

  • Experiencing Nature

    Nature is always a mentor of mankind and mankind is always a friend of nature, but how to build a good connection between nature and mankind? The first step is observation, starting with observing a tree from sprouting to dropping its leaves, and observing a flower from blooming to bearing fruit. Let’s observe the changes of plants throughout a year, observe the daily routine of a bird and observe the variation of starry sky throughout the night. Observation and experience enable humans to better understand the relationship between nature and themselves.

  • International Exchange

    The Jane Goodall (Beijing) Center aims to spread the philosophy of Dr. Jane of caring the earth- “only if we understand can we care”, target at sharing domestic and foreign news, and is oriented to boost international exchange of environmental cultures. The center has organized Dr. Jane’s each visit to China since it was established. In this way, it built a platform where teachers and students, environmental protection organizations and the public can exchange their ideas, achieving mutual promotion and progress.

  • Course Training

    The Jane Goodall (Beijing) Center is always dedicated to promotion of sustainable lifestyle. The purpose is to improve people’s understanding of the relationship within mankind, the connection between mankind and environment and the bind between human and animals; the goal is to educate and encourage the young generation to take action. Our team has already accumulated rich experience in organizing activities, courses and training for many years.

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