Why Jane

Dr. Jane Goodall is a celebrated scientist, a dame and a Messenger of Peace of United Nations. She had worked on the behaviors of chimpanzees in the forests in Gombe since 1960. Over nearly 60-year study, she has made enormous contribution to the insight into chimpanzees in the domain of science.

During her research, Dr. Jane witnessed that animal habitats were damaged by human activities. In order to save her favourite chimpanzees, she became fully aware that it is necessary to appeal people all over the world to respect animals and save resources. At same time, she started spreading the idea of harmonious co-existence between human and animals.

Why Jane

Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane has already visited China many times since 1998. For past few years, the impacts of China on global environment have been greater and greater. Dr. Jane cares China very much and she hopes to spread further her philosophy of caring the earth. With the help of Dr. Jane, Jane Goodall (Beijing) Center was established in 2006.

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